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Regionally Accredited Life Experience Degrees

Studying for years within a university is not the only way to get degrees. Did you know that you can get a legit school certificate even without attending school? How? By getting regionally accredited life experience degrees.

As everyone knows, aspiring to learn from accredited educational institutions is an investment that can cost thousands. In which a degree is not something cheap that you can buy off a store. Besides, admission requirements are getting stricter every day.

That said, some people choose to remain complacent with their high school diplomas. For them, earning a college degree is not worth it anymore. Because who would want to pursue higher education when a mere high school diploma can give them jobs with enough salary to sustain their daily needs?

True enough, finishing high school is already an advantage. Yes, there are companies out there that accept high school graduates. However, their working environments and situations are not sure to be secure and satisfactory.

Therefore, you should get a credible and valuable college certificate like a legitimate online life experience degree. Through this way, you can have better career opportunities to improve your professional and personal life.

What are regionally accredited life experience degrees?

Regionally accredited life experience degrees are a recent addition to the many numbers of recognitions available in the academic community. It is a more convenient alternative than getting a traditional degree like a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree.

A regionally accredited life experience degree is faster to get, unlike traditional certificates. You do not have to enroll in physical universities and personally attend classes to finish your program. You only need to provide the necessary documents that university officials will evaluate.

Usually, people stay in school for four to six years before they graduate and acquire a diploma. By getting a regionally accredited life experience degree, you only have to wait for months before having a certificate that you can use legally.

Regionally accredited life experience degrees’ requirements

Finishing college in a brick-and-mortar facility can be tough. It requires a lot of documents like exceptional school records, standardized test results, and a respectable set of disciplinary records.

Aside from that, you also need to have a good relationship with your former mentors from high school. These people will have to write a convincing recommendation letter addressed to your future university. If you do not have anyone to vouch for your good character, say goodbye to entering an elite college university.

On the contrary, applying for an online life experience certificate is simpler. You only need to do the following requirements:

Submit a portfolio

Life experience degrees usually cater to people who already have working experience. It is essentially a more practical certificate to earn than going back to school to get a Bachelor’s that can prove the validity of your skill.

In that regard, those who need this certificate must provide a portfolio containing a collation of documents that will prove their relevant experience. This can be any of the following:

  • Employment certificate from your previous employer
  • Certificates from relevant seminars attended
  • Proof of community or social work

Besides these recognitions, you can also include work samples in your portfolio. This will further improve your chances of convincing the evaluators about the value of your skills.

Complete a competency exam

Every university that grants life experience recognitions has different requirements. Hence, not every institution will provide a degree without some type of exam. Meaning, there are other schools that require you to complete a competency exam.

A competency exam is a simple exam taken to know if you truly have the skills and knowledge suitable for your profession. Universities use the result to assess whether you are eligible for a life experience recognition.

Attend a seminar or training

Aside from exams, some schools that offer life experience degrees also ask applicants to attend a professional seminar or training. Do not worry, though. These are usually short classes that you can finish in a week or two.

This is a requirement needed for formality. It is merely another way for these universities to ensure that you have proper training before they grant you the certificate you want. Besides, learning more about your profession is another advantage you can have.

Note that these prerequisites vary depending on the school that is granting your life experience degree. In which, some colleges may request for more credentials aside from the ones mentioned. However, some schools may not ask for anything at all except for a portfolio. 

Importance of accreditation for life experience degrees

All educational institutions, especially those granting higher-education degrees, pass through the process of accreditation. It is a certain kind of quality-check for the facilities and program offerings of a university.

For life experience degrees, accreditation is mostly important because it is an unconventional type of certificate. Not to mention, many companies and schools often second guess the validity of these recognitions. This is due to the nature of earning them.

Hence, if you want to have a useful and valid degree, you must seek certificates from accredited academic institutions. However, it is advisable to choose a university the offers regionally accredited life experience degrees. This is because regional accreditation is the highest recognition given to institutions.

When you have a legitimate life experience degree from an accredited source, you are sure to have a legal document you can use for employment. Aside from that, you can also use it to finish a traditional program through transferable college credits.

Life experience degrees that do not have regional accreditation are generally useless. Yes, there might be some organizations that will accept them. But, finding a practical application for such a certificate can be hard and is not guaranteed.

The fastest way to get a regionally accredited life experience degree

If you are a high school graduate who already has work experience getting a degree for your expertise is the best choice. In which having recognition for your experience will surely improve your economic status and let you have a more stable source of income.

However, it is understandable that there are skilled individuals who do not have enough credentials even to get a life experience degree. Thankfully, there are websites that can give you fast online life experience degrees.

These websites have official partnerships with regionally accredited universities. Meaning, you can easily acquire a cheap life experience degree online. Unlike directly reaching out to physical universities, you do not have to conform to any requirement when buying your degree online.

Instead, you will only need to provide some school and work background to the seller. This is simply a way for them to evaluate which degree is best suitable for your expertise. In this way, you will not have an inconsistent recognition that may cause you trouble in the future.

Therefore, if you are experiencing a sudden need for school recognition, you should get your degree online. This will be very helpful, especially when there is an immediate job opportunity waiting for you.

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