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Getting an Honorary Doctorate Degree

The academic community offers different kinds of recognition for its members. In which the most traditional ones are usually earned from universities through years of study. However, there is one degree that you do not have to study for—an honorary doctorate degree. Interested? Then you might be wondering, “hot to get an honorary doctorate degree?”

The idea of an honorary degree is something that most people do not understand. Not to mention, it is one of the most confusing recognitions in the academe. It is simply hard to grasp how someone can get a degree from a real university without studying or being related to anything educational.

The thought behind earning a degree without going to school may be unconventional. But it is not impossible. Besides, there are a lot of notable people with an honorary certificate. However, many people also doubt the credibility of this academic recognition because of its unique properties.

Defining an honorary doctorate degree

There is a saying that people hate what they do not understand. It is something that may be true about honorary doctorate degrees. For some people, this degree devalues the honor of other academic recognitions. In their thinking, these are not real degrees and generally hold no value.

But they thought wrong! Despite being less valuable than other degrees, especially a real Ph.D., honorary degrees still serve some purpose. Imagine this, why is it that the usual receivers of this certificate are people with remarkable backgrounds? There must be something great about an honorary doctorate degree!

Honorary doctorate degrees are certificates of recognition given to people with notable contributions to society. It is a form of acknowledgment for the amazing things a person has done for the betterment of his or her community.

The people with this degree usually already have well-established careers and have pre-existing degrees like a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or even a real doctorate. Meaning, their honorary certificate is merely a supplemental certificate to further their professional credibility.

Because of the impressive background of the receivers, universities granting these recognitions waive the usual requirements for a degree. Hence, you do not have to spend another set of years in school to get such a commendable certificate.

How to get an honorary doctorate degree

People who want to know how to get an honorary doctorate degree must understand that it is not an easy certificate to achieve. Yes, you do not have to go to school and study again. But, it does not necessarily mean that earning such a doctorate is easy.

If it was a simple degree, then perhaps, there will be many people who have honorary degrees. But, as you can see, only the best of the best has it. In which, the most usual recipients of the honor are presidents, artists, and inventors.

Unless you are a person of great importance or someone who has a life-changing innovation, it is less likely for you to receive this degree in your lifetime. But that does not necessarily mean that you cannot try.

Hence here are the things you need if you want to get an honorary doctorate degree:


The most important thing to have to earn an honorary doctorate degree is a portfolio. This portfolio should be a remarkable and impressive collation of every relevant experience you had in your professional life.

It is also better if this collection of documents include proof of your great contributions to your community like donation drives, charity work, or anything of the like. These contributions can be done on a small scale but must be a regular thing for you to do. In this way, the organization will see your dedication and consider your application.

Letters of recommendation

Aside from submitting a portfolio for voluntary application, you can also try to ask people to nominate you to get an honorary degree. In which, they must pass letters of recommendation to the university and vouch for exemplary expertise in your industry.

Good network

The key to having an honorary doctorate degree is earning a good set of acquaintances. These people can be your former mentors, work colleagues, supervisors, classmates, and school officials. These are the same people that can provide the letter of recommendation to convince the institution to grant your degree.

Hence, the more people you have in your network, the more your chances of getting that doctorate. This is because it will be easier for the university to know you better than not having anyone to vouch for you.

Getting an honorary recognition may not meet the usual requirements of traditional schooling. Yet, it does not mean that it is easy to get. Those interested in earning this degree invest years in making remarkable contributions to society while still handling their work responsibilities.

There is no reason for people to look down on honorary doctorates. You may not have to go to school, but the other means you need to do to have your certificate is not something worth belittling.

How to get an honorary doctorate degree fast

As you can see, earning an honorary degree is not something you can do overnight. Not to mention, it may even take longer for you to achieve such recognition compared to obtaining traditional degrees. Hence, you might be wondering how to get an honorary doctorate degree fast.

Besides seeking nomination or personally applying for an honorary doctorate in physical universities, you can easily get one online. Yes, there are places that offer online honorary doctorate degrees.

These websites are accredited degree sellers that officially work with brick-and-mortar universities. Meaning, they have access to every school document you might need, even honorary recognitions.

With the help of degree sellers, you can buy a cheap online honorary doctorate degree without the extra effort needed to get your certificate. Instead, you only need to provide your work and educational background to make the most suitable degree for you.

Why choose an honorary degree

If honorary certificates are not as valuable as other degrees, why should you get one? Why not just earn a traditional doctorate or maybe a Bachelor’s degree and instead have a more practical certificate?

If you are someone who does not have high aspirations for your career, then the idea of having an honorary doctorate degree is not for you. This academic recognition is for people who need more professional credibility to increase their chances of faring better in their industries.

Having an honorary academic recognition will surely help you have a stronger claim to your expertise. In which your skills and knowledge will be more in demand. And, what happens when you are an in-demand individual? Companies will be knocking on your door, handing out better-paying work! Thus, increasing your earning potential.

Aside from that, it will be less likely for you to lose your job if you have an online honorary doctorate degree. As mentioned, you become more of an expert with this certificate. Hence, your employer will not risk losing such a valuable member of the organization.

Generally, when you know how to get an honorary doctorate degree, you will open more opportunities for yourself. Moreso, if you buy one online! It will essentially help you reach your goals quickly and let you have a more stable outlook for your future.

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