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Colleges that Accept Experience Degree Credits

A lot of people want to earn college degrees. However, not all of them can afford it. Not to mention, higher education is among the most expensive scholarly endeavors. Thankfully, the internet has revolutionized the educational system and opened more accessible options for getting cheaper and faster academic recognition. One of which is earning work experience degrees.

What are work experience degrees

The idea of experience degrees may be foreign to some. There are even people who doubt their credibility. But, whether they like it or not, it is a legit and useful academic recognition. Plus, it will surely make your learning experience more comfortable.

But what exactly is an experience degree?

Everyone knows that learning is not limited to getting education within a teaching facility. There are other things outside the classroom that will help you earn relevant knowledge and skills needed for a more fruitful life. In which you can learn through work, attending seminars, and joining relevant community work.

That is the reason why degrees for work experience exist! An experience degree generally provides credit to the expertise you earned through non-conventional learning experiences. This is essentially helpful for people who have long been out of school but have been working since and want to pursue college.

You can use the credits within an experience degree to fast-track your way towards finishing college education. Since you already have pre-existing knowledge and skills in your major, you can skip minor subjects and focus on the fundamental courses needed for your profession. Thus, you can shorten your time in school and get a traditional degree in a year or two!

How to get official experience degrees

Before, students have to worry about thousands of dollars to earn a degree. In which a college student in the US would have to spend 10,000 USD on annual tuition fees. Not to mention, they have to worry about other fees for things like miscellaneous, housing, transportation, and course materials.

Besides academic costs, many are also discouraged from pursuing higher education studies because of high retention rates in college. In which there is no guarantee that one can complete their programs in exactly four years. Some students remain in university for almost a decade for a Bachelor’s degree. When you stay in school for long, you end up spending more.

Now that experience degree is available, students do not have to worry about time and money for school. They can go straight into working and learn hands-on through their jobs. After which, they can apply for a legitimate and functional academic recognition.

Unlike earning traditional degrees, acquiring an experience degree for work is easier. You do not have to attend years of schooling and pay a hefty amount of money for your academic fees. Instead, you only have to provide the following:

Collate a portfolio

The main goal of online work experience degrees is to give credit to your learnings outside the university through previous or current work opportunities. Hence, the first thing you need to have is a portfolio.

What should be inside this document? You can put anything that holds proof of experiences relevant to your career. It can be certificates or recognitions from past communal work, seminars, training, and employment certificates from your previous or current employers.

If you do not have official training and certificates of employment, you can provide a collation of your sample works. You can also add letters of recommendation from friends, families, acquaintances, mentors, and former clients if you are a freelancer.

Attend a short training

Some educational facilities offering work experience degrees also provide short training that you need to complete. But do not worry, it only usually takes up to a week or a month at max to finish.

Official training for your profession is simply part of the formality process. Institutions need to make sure that you at least have some sort of preparation for your degree. It is helpful as an added credential to have a stronger claim to your academic recognition.

Complete a skill assessment exam

Lastly, but most importantly, you cannot get a degree for experience if you do not pass a skill assessment exam. This exam will determine if you are an eligible candidate for your degree. In which failing such an evaluation means that you do not have the right skills and knowledge for your profession.

That said, you must take a skill assessment test. There are many official learning institutions that grant real and accredited working experience degrees. The most popular ones are the College Level Examination Program, DANTES Subject Standardized Test, and UExcel Credit by Exam.

Skill assessment exams are a crucial requirement as it can make or break your professional aspirations. If you fail this exam, you become a less credible individual in your industry. It merely means you do not know what you are doing. Hence, you might lose your job or licenses.

Buy one online!

There are still some people who might find it difficult to get an experience degree. Not to mention, some of the seminars and exams may require payment. Also, there is a possibility that some people cannot provide a convincing portfolio. Hence, degree providers might reject your application.

If such situations arise, all hope is not lost. You can still get a degree. There are a lot of websites selling degrees for experience. Not to mention, they do not need strict requirements. Instead, you only have to provide your education and work background and a one-time payment. In a few weeks, expect to receive your certificate along with other supporting documents.

Colleges accepting credit from online work experience degrees

One of the advantages of having a degree for your work experiences is that it accelerates your academic journey. You can use it to earn transferable credits that will help lessen your time in school to get a traditional degree, like a Bachelor’s degree.

In that regard, you can use your online work experience degree for admission to these colleges:

  1. Linfield College
  2. Berkeley College
  3. Colorado State University
  4. University of Phoenix
  5. Central Michigan University
  6. Albertus Magnus College
  7. Walden College

These are the top universities that offer online work experience degrees. Hence, these institutions also accept credits from degrees for work experiences for admission to their program offerings.

However, there is one last thing to remember when earning and using degrees for experience. True enough that there are a lot of ways to earn such a certificate. There are many official university websites where you can apply for online experience degrees. You can even choose to earn it in a physical college or buy it through degree sellers.

Yet, you must ensure that you have an accredited work experience degree if you truly wish to earn benefits. There are many negative stereotypes surrounding these degrees. The best way to combat such notions is to use an accredited experience degree from a genuine educational provider.

When you have an accredited experience degree online, you can open a lot of opportunities for yourself. It can be extremely helpful for your academic goals as well as your professional goals. 

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