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Can You Get An Online Law Degree

Legal education is falling behind when it comes to distance learning options. Compared to other higher education degrees, there are not many accredited academic institutions offering online law degrees.

That said, you might be thinking, “can you get a law degree online?”

Yes! You can! However, unfortunately, the options are fairly limited. Despite the rise of online education’s popularity, the American Bar Association continues to stay reluctant to grant accreditation to online law degree providers.

The American Bar Association is the rightful granting body that gives accreditation to legal education providers. Their recognition is an essential factor to consider when looking for a school that offers a law degree program. If the university is not ABA-accredited, there is a possibility that you will not be able to take a bar exam in the US and practice law in the country.

This is a concern for aspiring lawyers, especially those who do not have enough means for a convenient learning experience. In which there has been an evident decline in the number of individuals interested in getting a legal degree.

Academic costs and strict admission requirements discourage many individual from getting legal education. If only more universities offered law degrees in online faculties, then more people will have access to getting such education.

How to get an online law degree

There are a lot of aspiring attorneys out there. True enough, most of them are willing to invest thousands into expensive law school fees. Some may even be lucky to get financial aid, which the government is more than willing to provide.

However, the sad reality is that not everyone has the right means to get into a university providing legal education. Some people simply prefer to allocate their finances for other priorities such as paying their monthly bills and providing the needs of their families.

Aside from that, getting a scholarship and financial assistance requires too much effort. One must submit the necessary requirements and have their backgrounds checked by different committees with no assurance of getting the help they need.

Hence, if you are among those kinds of aspiring legal practitioners, your best option for a law degree is to get it online. Sadly, as mentioned, there are not many options out there to choose from.

Besides, most of the accredited online law degree programs in the virtual academic community are hybrid programs. These are courses that still require personal attendance, which somehow lessens the convenient goal of online education.

But do not worry! You can still achieve your dream to become a lawyer without personally attending law school. Below are the online options you have if you wish to have a more comfortable journey in getting that legal degree:

Attend an ABA-Accredited Law School

Yes, the American Bar Association is not a fan of granting accreditation to universities offering online law degrees. But, it does not necessarily mean that there are no colleges available for web-based legal education. 

Hence, these are the best schools offering accredited online law degrees:

  1. Michelle Hamline School of Law 
  2. Southwestern Law School
  3. Syracuse University
  4. University of Dayton School of Law
  5. University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law

If you are already a practicing attorney, you have more options for an online master’s degree in law. However, those who do not have existing degrees in the legal industry only have a few colleges to choose from.

Enroll in a Two-Year Program

Since the options for convenient legal education is limited, you might be willing to spare some years to get a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Hence, why not enroll in a two-year law degree program.

Yes! You read that right. You can get a law degree online for two years only!

There are universities, like Southwestern Law School and Gonzaga University, that offer accelerated online law degree programs. However, do note that these are hybrid courses that still require necessary personal attendance from time to time.

Yet, it is still one of the most convenient and perhaps the most foolproof ways to get that JD! You will only spend half the time and money for your degree. Plus, you become eligible to take the bar exam if you earn your degree from an accredited online law program.

Buy an Law Degree

The problem with the lack of accreditation for online law degree providers is that students from other states do not have access to legal education in a specific university. Meaning, foreigners who wish to have their JD from top US law schools must first travel to the country if they want a credible law degree.

Also, some people are not in favor of online, hybrid courses. For them, it lessens the convenient value that remote schooling aims to provide. Hence, what is the use of investing in tuition fees for a hybrid course, and why not simply enroll in brick-and-mortar faculties? It is simply not a worthwhile investment.

In that regard, the best option is to get an online law degree is to buy it from third-party academic recognition providers. These are degree selling websites that can provide legal and valid school certificates like international accredited law degrees.

These websites have official partnerships with ABA-accredited law schools. Meaning, you can purchase a law degree online and use it to apply for the bar exam or be a practicing professional in the legal industry.

Finding a university that offers accredited law degrees online is important, especially if you wish to have academic recognition that is useful and legal. Hence, it is best to try the safest alternatives mentioned above to guarantee to earn your Juris Doctor degree.

Precautions on Buying Degrees Online

Thanks to degree sellers, getting a degree in law is easier nowadays. However, like any online purchase, precautionary measures should always be considered. This is to avoid being a victim of illegal organizations selling fake online law degrees.

When looking for a degree seller, make sure that they have official partnerships with your preferred university. If you are interested in a law degree, ensure that the partner school is accredited by the ABA or any other recognized accrediting bodies for law schools.

Also, do not fall for superficial marketing schemes, such as instant delivery and suspiciously cheap costs for certificates. The website offering such products are sure to be making below quality fake degrees that do not pass legalization and verification processes.

Buying degrees from websites that have an official connections with accredited schools will provide you with all the necessary documents for the credibility of your degree. In this way, you will surely purchase an accredited online degree that you can use for any future goals without a problem. Hence, you are receiving a legal and real accredited law degree online without worrying about experiencing the hardships that come along in traditionally earning a Juris Doctor degree.

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