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Is A Fake Degree Actually Valid? We Sell Verifiable One’s

Is a fake degree actually valid? We sell verifiable one’s

One of the many questions you might have after having heard that you can buy a fake degree online is whether or not it is valid. Is it something which an employer can actually see, verify, and know you graduated from the school you claim to have graduated from? If you have these questions, or any others pertaining to what a fake degree certificate is, and what a fake degree maker does (our site), these are a few of the basics you want to know, surrounding the purchase of your degree, and whether or not you should buy a degree on our site.

1. How can you sell a fake degree?

Basically there is a law which allows universities to sell college diplomas and degrees, to individuals who have claimed they graduated from a school. The law (or loophole), affords for a certain number of degrees to be sold each year. However, certain fake degree makers online do not have the legal authority to sell these degrees, and do not verify the degree they make. Our site is verified, meaning employers can instantly verify the degree you choose to buy from our site.

2. What is a verified degree?

A verified fake degree is exactly what it sounds like. After you purchase it on our site, an employer can visit the university’s site, and verify you graduated from the school. It will not only show the degree you received, but also has transcripts available for employers to view the grades you received, in the courses you took while attending the school and taking the courses you took.

3. What degree can I buy?

fake degreeFrom our site, if you can imagine the area of study, we have a fake degree you can order. From science, to legal studies, to poly-sci, or business, we offer degrees in every field. And, we also sell degrees ranging from high school diplomas or GEDs, to AA, BA, Master’s, and PhD level degrees. So depending on the position you are applying for, the employer you would like to work for, and the requirements they have in place for the position you are applying for, we have the degree you are going to need, in order to at least be considered for the position which you would like to get with that employer.

4. Do I received a degree?

Yes, after purchase employers can verify the degree online within a period of 24 hours. But, you are also going to receive a physical copy of the degree you buy from our site. It is going to look, feel, have all emblems, logos, and the studies you completed on it. Basically the fake degree you buy from us is going to look exactly like the degree you would receive, had you gone to the college, taken the courses, and walked down the aisle on the date of graduation from the program.

5. What type of schools can I buy a degree from?

We sell degrees from Ivy league schools like Harvard and Yale, or local community colleges. We sell high school diplomas, we sell GED certificates, we sell degrees from reputable state schools. We also sell degrees and honorary professorship documents, from reputable universities from around the world. So whether you want a PhD level degree in Science, or an engineering degree from a top Ivy league school like MIT, we are going to provide you with a wide range of degree options, and so many different universities (or high schools) which you can order your degree from, based upon what employers require, and the type of position you are applying for with the employer you would like to work for.

You have options when it comes to buying a fake degree online, you might as well know what you are investing in, and know what you are going to purchase is valid. When you choose to order from our site, we guarantee this to you as a customer. Not only do we guarantee you will receive your degree, we also guarantee that when you do order, your employer (or an employer you are applying to work for), is going to be able to go online, and will have the ability to instantly verify you have the degree you claim to possess.

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