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Importance of Earning College Degrees in Order

Buying degrees online is now possible. Thanks to many websites selling academic recognitions, students now have more access to becoming degree holders and reaching better heights in their careers. But, do note that you need to buy your college degrees in order. If not, people will question its validity.

But what are college degrees? Why do people buy them online?

College degrees are higher-education academic recognitions that individuals earn in a university or a college. They do this by attending programs or classes focusing on a specific field of industry. In such a way, people learn every skill and knowledge to become professionals in whatever career they choose to take.

Aside from being valuable school documents, college degrees are also an essential requirement for job acquisition. Without one, it will be hard for someone to find better working opportunities. Sometimes, you will not be able to find a job at all.

Hence, many people want to have degrees. Not to mention, there is a huge demand for college degrees since the job market is getting more competitive each day. Sadly, acquiring a degree takes years and thousands of money as an investment. Therefore, there are many people who buy any degree online.

Different kinds of college degrees in order

There are different kinds of college degrees that are available on degree selling websites. The reality is, there are many options to choose from when it comes to buying degrees online. That is why customers sometimes get overwhelmed and simply select whichever document they like without thinking of the right order of earning a college degree.

That said, here is a simple guideline to know the right hierarchy of college degrees. By understanding such crucial information, you can get your college degree in order and make the most out of your purchase.

Reminder before we start:

There are two major kinds of college degrees. These are undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

Undergraduate degrees are usually earned through two to four years of education from colleges and universities. These can either be an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree.

Meanwhile, graduate degrees are more valuable, and higher-ranking degrees students take after their undergraduate studies to earn more expertise in their majors. These can either be a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. degree.

Kinds of Undergraduate Degrees

Associate’s Degree

The first and the easiest college degree you can get is an Associate’s degree. Students can earn this academic recognition by taking two-year programs from learning institutions such as colleges, universities, and training centers.

Associate degree programs usually focus on providing skills and knowledge on hands-on careers. Students under this program tend to take courses in technology, communication, arts, design, construction, and business.

Those who have Associate Degrees can easily find good job opportunities. However, since it is from a two-year undergraduate program, you can only go as far as entry-level positions. But do not worry. There are many jobs in the market that offer high salary grades even to Associate Degree holders.

Bachelor’s Degree

There is a high possibility that you already heard about a Bachelor’s Degree. This is because a Bachelor’s Degree is the most common college degree in the academe. It is also the basic requirement for job acquisition.

Bachelor’s Degrees is the second and most popular undergraduate degree. It is the usual choice of college education students take after high school. In which, one will have to attend a four-year degree program to obtain their diplomas.

Students who earn a Bachelor’s Degree have more time to study and gain expertise in their fields. Hence, those who have this college degree can land higher-ranking positions in a company. Instead of entry-level jobs, there is a higher chance for them to go directly to managerial positions.

Also, do note that you can get a Bachelor’s Degree even if you do not have an Associate’s Degree. However, you can shorten your time in school if you first obtain an Associate’s Degree before a Bachelor’s. You can use transferable credits from your previous education and earn a Bachelor’s degree in two years instead of four.

Kinds of Graduate Degrees

Master’s Degree

After earning your Bachelor’s degree, you can now go into graduate studies. In which you should first enroll in a master’s program and get a Master’s Degree before you can go higher into the academe.

A Master’s Degree is the entry-level degree for graduate education. Usually, this academic stage includes programs and classes focusing on a more scholarly approach to learning. One of the major requirements is for students to produce a certain number of novel academic journals alongside the completion of relevant coursework.

Generally, earning a Master’s Degree enables you to master your profession more. You further study the theories and practices of your industry and find new developments that will improve these principles.

Those who study Master’s programs are usually working professionals. That said, Master’s programs tend to be more flexible than undergraduate degree programs. You can finish your studies and earn your diploma after two years if you study full time. However, if you are studying part-time, it might take you longer.

The great thing about acquiring a Master’s Degree is that your career benefits become more advantageous. You are more eligible for promotions, executive company positions, premium income, and even become a licensed mentor!

Ph.D. Degree or Doctorate 

The last degree you can get in the academe is a Ph.D. degree. Although last, it is worth more than any other college degree you can get. In which, a Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. degree is the highest academic recognition granted to students.

To earn a Doctorate, you need to have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. After which you need to complete at least two years of Ph.D. programs focusing on denser coursework and producing a dissertation.

Usually, students under doctorate programs take two years to complete their academic pursuits. However, this schedule is not definite. Not to mention, the retention rate within this academic level is high. Meaning, many students do not graduate on time.

The part that is most challenging for Ph.D. degree aspirants is the dissertation process. You can essentially finish the required coursework in a few years, but finishing your dissertation can take up to a decade. This depends on your research capabilities. It also varies on the strictness of your mentors and the department who will approve of your study.

Since a Ph.D. degree is the highest certificate you can get, you become a more valuable individual in society when you have a doctorate. Like a Master’s degree, you can earn more advantageous benefits like higher ranking positions, premium incomes, and mentorship eligibility. Aside from that, if you produce a breakthrough journal, there is a high chance of you becoming a notable person in the academe.

Importance of buying college degrees in order

The educational system observes an upward trend. In which you cannot go up if you choose to skip a step or two. Besides, the value of your recognition increases as you go higher in each level.

When buying a degree online, you should always consider the fact that college degrees need to be taken according to their hierarchy. If you do not buy college degrees in order, you are risking the following: 


There are already a lot of negative stereotypes against buying college degrees online. In which many people doubt the credibility of these degrees. If you do not buy your college degree in order, people are most likely to challenge the validity and legality of your degree.

Imagine, how can someone who does not have an undergraduate degree have a Ph.D.? It is impossible. Even degree sellers will not let you buy a Ph.D. if you do not have any relevant academic background prior to your doctorate.


College degrees earn their value depending on the level you take them. Hence, if you collect your college degrees in order, you will surely get a useful degree. Besides, if you do not earn your college degree in order, people will question your expertise. Meaning, you cannot use your academic recognition if it is not taken in the right order.

Money’s worth

When you buy any degree online without considering its academic level, you risk losing your money’s worth. You will necessarily buy a worthless degree that might even get you in legal trouble! Hence, wasting your money for nothing but jail time and endangering your career.

Therefore, it is crucial to buy college degrees in order and follow the right academic level for each degree. If not, you will not have a pleasant experience purchasing school documents online, even if you have the right skills and knowledge needed for your degree.

How to buy any degree online

Buying a degree online is easy because it is a billion-dollar industry. Meaning, there are many websites that let you buy any degree online, even the cheapest degrees. However, you should only buy your college degree from authentic websites with official partnerships with your preferred university.

Degree-selling websites that work together with real universities that have physical campuses can get all the necessary documents for your college degree. They also have access to school officials and the right agencies to verify the credibility of your college degree. Therefore, you can surely get authentic and legal degrees.

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