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USC Diploma: Cheapest Degrees to Get

The average college student in the US spends at least 10,000 USD for their tuition fees alone. Sadly, academic prices will surely continue to be on the rise for the next few years unless there is a significant change in the educational system. Hence, if you are interested in enrolling in elite schools like the University of Southern California (USC), you should choose the cheapest degrees to get your USC diploma.

Diplomas and other higher-education academic recognitions remain as one of the top requirements for job acquisition. Employers favor degree holders over those who did not finish any form of a college education.

Surely, you can still find working opportunities with a high school diploma. But, having a college degree warrants a successful professional future by providing you essential career benefits. That said, it is better to look for ways to invest in university studies.

The problem is that enrolling in a university and earning a college diploma is expensive. It is also time-consuming. For some, there are better things to prioritize, aside from getting a degree. Hence, they settle for their high school diplomas and bare-minimum jobs that get them by paycheck after paycheck.

However, living through your salaries per month does not let you earn any extra income. Not to mention, it may not be enough for you to have savings for emergencies and future goals. That is why you should still pursue higher education. Thankfully, there are schools, like USC, that offer affordable college programs to help you earn a USC diploma.

What is the University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is a private academic research institution within the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. It began offering university education in 1880 when the city was still under development.

USC is known to be amongst the leading universities in the US since its humble beginning. Not to mention, it is a multi-awarded institution wherein it ranks as the 18th top university, 3rd in the western US, and ranks within the top 5 institutions known for engagement, environment, and diversity.

Not to mention, USC also has an award-winning set of faculty members. In which its members are top researchers, scholars, and mentors with five Nobel laureates and dozens of prestigious national honors.

With quality mentors, innovative learning facilities, and reasonably affordable degree offerings, there is no wonder why USC is among the top choices for a quality college education. With a 90% graduation rate, you can assure yourself that you will also earn a diploma from the University of Southern California. 

Cheapest degrees to earn a USC diploma.

Everyone knows that earning a college degree is no walk in the park. It also is not easy on the budget. Even educational providers know such facts. That is why universities, like the University of Southern California, offer more affordable degree programs as part of their curriculums.

In such a way, these universities are improving their revenues by making more people interested in college education. It is a fair deal where both parties benefit. Cheaper learning experience means more college graduates, and more students mean more income for the institution.

Hence, if you are searching for a cheap yet quality form of learning, here are the best degrees to choose from that will earn you a USC diploma:

Undergraduate degrees

The cheapest academic offering from USC can be found within their list of undergraduate degrees. These are usually programs that offer Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in most common disciplines. In which a student can expect only to pay at least 29,000 USD per semester.

Dental Hygiene

Getting a degree in dentistry, specifically in Dental Hygiene, is also a more affordable option. You only have to spend 27,000 USD per semester to experience the college’s excellent facilities. Not to mention, dentistry is among the popular and the best programs to pursue if you want to get a diploma from the University of Southern California.


The University of Southern California is also known for its Engineering department. It is one of the top educational providers for the said discipline. Hence, many students choose to pursue Engineering at USC. Not to mention, the college only requires an estimate of 2,000 USD per unit for this program. For such an affordable price, you can earn a USC diploma in Engineering.

Master of Real Estate Development

Aside from undergraduate degrees, USC also offers affordable graduate programs. One of them is their Master of Real Estate Development program, which only costs around 35,000 USD per semester. The best thing about this program is that it helps you connect with organizations from the real estate industry while earning your diploma.


The University of Southern California also offers cheap academic programs for Pharmacy. In which the tuition fee per semester is at least 30,000 USD. Through this degree program, USC will provide you with the necessary skills and expertise for a prosperous future as a Pharmacist. 

Online USC degree

Some of the degree programs listed above can still be too much for many people. Not everyone has thousands of dollars ready to be spent anytime on academic fees. There is no need to worry, though. The University of Southern California can help you lighten the burden a bit through its financial aid programs.

However, applying for a financial aid program can be hard. It requires a strict admission and evaluation process that not everyone can fulfill. That said, are there other options to get a USC diploma for an affordable price? Yes! Get an online degree from the University of Southern California!

You can get online USC diplomas from degree selling websites. In this way, you do not have to pay thousands of dollars for tuition fees. Instead, you only have to pay a thousand or two to get your diploma. Despite its low price, the certificate is guaranteed to come from the university itself because some degree sellers work officially with USC.

Why get a USC diploma

The University of Southern California has regional accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) since 1949. Meaning, it has met the standards for quality education and is recognized as an elite educational provider even by other organizations.

When a university has accreditation, its degree offerings are more valid and valuable than others. In which an unaccredited degree is mostly a worthless certificate that will not help you in many ways when it comes to your career.

Hence, you should get an online diploma from the University of Southern California if you wish to enjoy these benefits:

  1. With a USC diploma, you can easily find employment opportunities. In which you will have a faster job acquisition experience. This is because employers favor degree holders from elite schools like USC, among other candidates. They trust that you had the proper training needed for the position you are applying for.
  1. Companies perceive graduates of USC as essential workers of society. This is because USC graduates were trained within quality facilities by award-winning mentors using innovative learning methods. Hence, their skills and expertise are worth more than others. That said, employers are willing to give them higher salaries.
  1. Those who have an online USC diploma also warrant themselves to faster career advancement. You see, you become more eligible for high ranking positions within a company with a degree on hand. Instead of an entry-level position, you can go straight to managerial posts. Plus, you have better professional credibility making you a suitable candidate for future promotions.

Generally, earning a USC diploma will surely help you have a better future. When you earn a degree from USC, you will have better career opportunities, premium income incentives, and little worry about the security of your future endeavors.

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