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Accelerated Psychology Degree Online

Earning a psychology degree can take a decade. In which you first have to study a four-year degree, attend paid training, and secure your professional license. But did you know that you can fast-track your way towards becoming a real psychologist? Yes, you can do this by taking an accelerated psychology degree online.

What is an accelerated online degree?

The most common degrees to get are Bachelor’s degrees. However, earning one can be too much of an investment, especially in terms of time. You see, getting an average degree can take four good years.

The time required to get a regular degree can remarkably vary depending on the student. For example, if you are good at keeping up with your responsibilities as a student, you will surely get that diploma in four years.

On the other hand, other disciplines, such as psychology degrees, might be challenging to earn. Most psychology students have a hard time graduating on time. Hence, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in psychology may require up to six years in school.

The uncertainties of school retention are among the many problems college students have. For that reason, many higher-education institutions made a way to make earning academic recognition faster. This is what we now know as accelerated online degrees.

Accelerated online degrees are academic programs meant to shorten students’ time in school without compromising the kind of quality education they are receiving. These programs usually span half the time it takes to get normal degrees.

For example, you will only need to study for two years instead of four to earn your Bachelor’s degree. Some universities even provide a year of schooling for their accelerated programs.

That said, if you are someone pursuing a degree in Psychology, you will only have to take two years of studying instead of four. Generally, choosing an accelerated psychology degree online will surely let you practice your profession faster than your peers.

Where to get an accelerated psychology degree online?

Many universities offering online schooling are also providing accelerated programs. Hence, finding where to get an accelerated psychology degree online is easy. Not to mention, there might be hundreds of options available on the web.

However, not every online psychology degree is a credible and legal academic recognition. Many fraudulent virtual schools are plaguing the online academic community. Hence, it is best to know how to choose the right provider for an online accelerated psychology degree.

That said, here are some few guidelines to help you find the right online school:

Look for accreditation

The first thing you need to look out for is accreditation. Whether you are taking your psychology degree online or through traditional means, it is worthless if the university does not have accreditation.

Learning organizations that have accreditation met the standards needed for quality education. Hence, if you obtain your accelerated psychology degree online from an accredited college, you are essentially earning the best and most credible diploma.

Accreditation is crucial, especially for online psychology degrees. This is because aspiring psychologists must have legit diplomas. In which having an accredited one is the best way to prove the validity of your degree.

If you do not earn your accelerated psychology degree online from an accredited university, you will surely have a hard time applying for a professional license. Also, employment opportunities will be scarce.

Check the school’s history.

To know whether your chosen online faculty is a real school, you should check how long they have been on the business. Psychology is a discipline that involves traditional and modern learning theories and practices. Meaning, your college should have an extensive history of good education for psychologists.

Aside from their years of experience, a real and good college must have at least a few recognitions or awards. Check their rankings online in terms of academic excellence. In this way, you will know whether they are proven to offer a top-notch learning experience.

By knowing your school’s history, you will know better whether it is the right institution for your scholarly needs. It will necessarily give you an idea of what kind of education you are investing in getting your online psychology degree. Besides, it will show you whether they have the right techniques and facilities needed to produce impressive graduates.

Research their graduation and retention rates

As mentioned, many psychologist students find it hard to finish their programs. That said, you should know the graduation and retention rates of the college you like. This will let you know how long it can take for you to get your accelerated psychology degree.

If a school has a bad retention rate being it an online faculty, it means that their teaching methods may not be efficient. There must be something in their means that is keeping their students from graduating on time. 

On the other hand, if they have high graduation rates and low retention numbers, the online school is doing an excellent job of providing quality and convenient education. Meaning, you will also most likely finish your program and get your online psychology degree on time.

When you consider these three factors, you will surely find the right virtual faculty for your online psychology degree. Finding the right college can make or break your future. Hence, it would be best if you always were careful in making the right choice.

On the other hand, if you do not want to enroll in a college and spend annual tuition fees, there is a faster and cheaper way to get your online accelerated psychology degree. All you have to do is to buy it online.

Yet, keep in mind the same guidelines needed to find the right school. Only buy your degree from websites that have official partnerships with accredited universities. In this way, you will get a legal diploma.

Benefits of an accelerated psychology degree online

Psychology is one of the most in-demand careers today. It is also among the best-paying professions. In which, a psychologist can earn up to 60,000 USD a year. That said, learning how to become a psychologist is the best investment you will ever make.

While you weigh out whether to pursue a career in psychology or not, why not earn it through an accelerated program? In this way, you will boost every benefit that comes along with becoming a professional psychologist.

When you earn an accelerated degree in psychology, you will enjoy the following advantages:

More time for training

When you obtain a diploma in Psychology through an accelerated program, you will have more time dedicated to training. In which training or internship is an essential part of becoming a registered psychologist. 

While your peers are still stuck in school, you are already done with half of the required hours of training. Hence, you can now proceed to focus on studying for your licensure exam. Besides, having more time to study for the exam will surely warrant good results.

Easy license application

Besides having more time for training and studying for your licensure exam, you will have more time to collate all the requirements for your license application. That said, by the time you need to apply for your professional license, you can have a comfortable experience. This is because you already have every document, skill, and knowledge up your sleeves.

Faster career advancement

Since taking an accelerated psychology program lessens your time in university, you will find employment opportunities faster than others. While your friends are busy finishing their programs or taking up training, you are already looking for a job.

By the time they are applying and waiting for their licensure results, you already found a job! Not to mention, the work you will get by using your accelerated degree will be better and will yield higher wages.

Overall, pursuing an accelerated psychology degree online is the most practical choice to make if you want to become a psychologist. It will essentially kickstart your way towards a successful future as a professional psychologist.

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